e-Clip – ready to CLICK

Apart from the possibility to view your media coverage, our online platform e-Clip, provides you with many other options and functionalities. On eCLIP, reports that we send you daily are turned into an easily searchable database. With several clicks you can find articles that are important to you at the moment and generate a report with these articles that you can use for presentation.

On eCLIP you can generate statistics according to selected parameters and enter comments for each article, which will later make it easier for you to find particular content. Each of us spends a lot of time on our mobile devices and you can use our mobile app for even faster viewing of your media coverage. It will be your best and fastest tool to check your current media coverage or your coverage from some previous period or selected type of media. At all times it will make sure that you are fully informed while on the move.

eCLIP allows


You can easily check your media coverage


Search your media coverage by key words, media, words that appear in texts etc

Generation of reports

Generate reports with clippings selected according to certain parameters

Generation of statistics

Generate statistics by media, author, type of media or key words

Mobile app allows

  • Easy viewing of your media coverage
  • Searching your media coverage by type of media (press, radio, tv, online) or time period
  • Important clippings can be marked with star and copied into a special folder with starred clippings