Media monitoring

Is your company often in the news? What about your products? Which news is important and which one you can ignore? Have your expenditures on PR activities paid off? You can get answers to all these questions as well as many others with the help of Press clipping. Clipping is a media monitoring service based on the key words defined in advance. Why Press clipping? Because we are unique, versatile, open, responsible, experienced, precise and always here for you. We deliver the requested information on time, and sometimes even earlier.

User-friendly service

We offer services that clients understand, need and quickly get hooked up on

Easy to use

Our products are easy to use

Result of in-house development

Our IT staff has developed customized tools


We listen to your wishes and adjust

Personal approach

We add a personal touch to our customer service

Our own regional network

We have a developed network of regional offices


Long-time experience qualifies us for the very top of the media monitoring industry

Memberships in international associations

We are members of several international associations