About us

We are not the only one, but we are unique... qualified... quick... precise...

Personal approach

Each client has their contact person in Press clipping, which is always there to answer the client's questions pertaining to the clipping service, set up an order, inform about new products etc.

Real Time delivery

We deliver your media coverage via e-mail and/or eClip web module. There is also an option of receiving individual reports, which could be sent to you as soon as the report is processed.


All articles come with OCR. Select a part of the text on the scan and simply copy and paste it to some of your documents.

Underlining of key words

Key words in articles / transcripts are underlined, which makes it easier to see what an article is about it and its relevance.

24 hours = non stop

We work in shifts to generate your media coverage reports, a team of around thirty people, full and part-time employees from various parts of Croatia.

Different forms and ways of delivery

Clients can choose between various forms and ways of delivery.

Social responsibility

We protect environment:

All employees in our company are aware of how important it is to protect environment and it goes without saying that we implement measures to achieve that. We believe that each small step counts and each act of an environmentally-friendly behavior ripples through the community increasing the environmental awareness. We act by taking small steps: we recycle (old newspapers and electronic equipment), we try not to print things out if it's not necessary, we don't waste (water, electricity etc.)

We help our

Throughout these years we have been supporting various organizations and projects important for the development of our community and society in general. Our dear friends and partners are: Hrabri telefon, Bokci, Crveni nosovi etc..

Who we are

We are a media monitoring and analysis company with over 20 years of experience on the Croatian market. As a part of the regional Media Intelligence Group, we provide a comprehensive, standardized and quality service in the region. Top quality service, quick response time and dedication to building long-term business relations with our clients are the main goals of our work. State-of-the-art customized programs, creative solutions and team work is what enables us to be one of the leaders on the market. Clients’ satisfaction is the proof of the excellence of our service and dedication to staying on top of the trends in the media monitoring and analysis industry, while the formal recognition comes from Bisnode For the fifth consecutive year we have been awarded Bisnode’s excellence certificate. AAA Excellence Certificate represents an above average credit rating of a business entity. The certificate is awarded based on the company’s financial results.

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